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Oracle Human Resources (HR) is a powerful tool for optimizing the use of the human assets of your business, whether you operate in the private or public sector. It allows you to adopt structured approaches to attracting, retaining, developing and using the critical skills and knowledge needed to improve the capability of your business to meet new challenges. Oracle HR an integrated set of applications that are engineered to seamlessly work together.

 It meets the need of modern HR organisation, incorporating rich global, social, and mobile functionality, advanced business intelligence, and the flexibility to adapt as a company that grows and changes. It covers the breadth and depth of an end to end solution, covering the workforce core of HR which is management, rewards, optimization and analytics. While robust on its own, it can work in harmony with HR systems already in place thus leveraging existing investments and avoid the patchwork situations both IT and HR organisations fear.

 With the help of the solution not only you can maintain the HR organisation but also attract a lot of new talents. With it you can attract, develop and retain employees who can drive the organisational goals. With areas such as Performance Management can be look in to. It with social networking tools, goal and performance management, embedded analytics, learning solutions and integrated support makes it much more efficient

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