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Fusion Dynamics Vehicle Management Solution

Vehicle management can be arduous without the right solution. Whether you own or lease your fleet vehicles, we offer a range of fleet services as part of our Fusion Dynamics Vehicle Management Solution. Having the right mix of vehicle management services can lead to a number of benefits. Our unique approach to developing our products is based on real world experience. The unique benefits that our clients can take out of this solution are

  • Better productivity and customer service
  • Streamlined management and billing
  • The ability to monitor and reduce transportation costs
  • Safer vehicles and drivers
  • A more efficient fleet
  • Stream of reports for further analysis

Fusion Dynamic PF Solution

Fusion Dynamics PF Solution

Provident Fund Management (PFM) is an integrated software to keep track on the Provident Fund Investment/Details etc. It has covered practically all the modules that a company looks for in a Provident Fund Management Software. This solution can directly be integrated with the existing ERP solution and Payroll Management System that is running in the organisation.

The process that are maintained with the help of this solution is given below. They are:

  • New Member insertion
  • Monthly contribution upload
  • PF member intercompany transfer
  • Loan entry
  • Create schedule
  • Loan instalment process
  • Loan instalment status update
  • Final settlement
  • Profit distribution

The solution do have the flexibility for additional customizations to map organisational processes to handle their Provident Fund.