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Ready to wear apparel or garment manufacturing involves many processing steps, beginning with the idea or design concept and ending with a finished product. Apparel manufacturing process involves Product Design, Fabric Selection and Inspection, Patternmaking, Grading, Marking, Spreading, Cutting, Bundling, Sewing, Pressing or Folding, Finishing and Detailing, Dyeing and Washing, QC etc. In order to achieve the global benchmark there are many challenges as well. Dependence of quality and raw materials is the biggest challenge here along with lack of managerial approach and knowledge. Another challenge here would be because of so many companies around the price has to be highly competitive in order to beat your competitors. RMG and apparel sector has also many other challenges which are listed here. They are responsible sourcing, improving overall systems with the help of technology, adjusting total process in terms of speed, efficiency and cost management, dealing with underlying commercial problems, geographic shifts of demand, labour and energy cost inflation, maintaining brand image, compliance.

How Fusion Infotech can help

  • We effectively manage sales and merchandising activities, successfully incorporates the common purchasing activities from vendor quotes, indents, orders
  • Transfer of Sales Orders to Work Orders with adept handling of interim changes, allowing association of notes and drawings developed or received from customers, tracking items by serial/lot numbers, efficiently updating the inventory status, meeting the ever changing customer requirements
  • Tracking Labour Transactions and Manufacturing Order costs, efficiently planning your purchase and production, providing you with the real-time shop floor tracking
  • Implementing forward and backward scheduling techniques, implementing multiple units of measure support inventory of fabric in square yards and purchasing in rolls or pounds, deploying shipment performance tracking against planned shipment date for example, percentage of shipments on time, or percentage of shipments completed
  • Better visibility of Order Activities including materials requirement, materials procurement, Inventory tracking and consumption
  • Controlling on excess procurement against the order, automatic valuation of inventories, providing production planning for each section cutting ration plan, stitching operation plan including SMVs Tracking, Washing Operation Plan, Finishing & Packing Plan, deploying the best of breed production execution plan- Cutting Execution, Stitching production, Washing Production, Finishing Production, online approval of key documents, job order costing
  • Interfacing with payroll for piece rate payroll generation, providing quality control for both incoming and in process activities, deploying standard dashboards and KPIs for financials, supply chain and manufacturing, ability to define Alerts for exception reporting