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  • The increasingly interconnected global market adds immense complexity to banking operations.
  • Regulatory and compliance-related requirements continue to increase.
  • Customers demand higher levels of service and innovation, such as mobile accessibility.
  • A competitive market means customers can shop around for banking services and switch institutions more easily than in the past.
  • Meet customer needs with solutions that are tailored to the banking industry
  • Deliver innovative services with best-in-class performance
  • Leverage a multi-channel sales, service, marketing, and transaction solution that is pre integrated with core banking
  • Deploy the only service-oriented architecture with a banking-specific data model and process library
  • Secure your operations with end-to-end risk management
  • Consolidate disparate legacy financial applications into a centralized, automated, fully integrated financial solution
  • Eliminate manual handling errors with paperless processes
  • Streamline internal and external financial reporting
  • Improve tracking of bank branch-office expenses
  • Reduce manual data entry across all financial processes
  • Gain tighter control over inventory management, orders, and suppliers of financial services and branch office equipment
  • Implement an integrated human resources (HR) strategy with a core HR system to consolidate data to improve the companys worldwide delivery of logistics services
  • Create visibility into Agilitys workforce through consistent reports and metrics based on a standard model for all countries
  • Develop dashboard and analytic capabilities
  • Improve reporting accuracy by eliminating manual processes
  • Reduce reporting time for standard HR reports
  • Eliminate redundant data collection and maintenance across multiple systems, including the corporate active directory, to enable better security and setup of email accounts.

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