Bangladesh Railway

The government-owned rail transportation company in Bangladesh is called Bangladesh Railway. The Directorate General of Bangladesh Railway is in charge of it, and it runs and maintains all of the nation’s railroads. The Ministry of Railways and the Bangladesh Railway Authority are in. The Bangladesh Railway system spans 3,600 kilometers in total (2,200 mi) Bangladesh Railway employed 34,168 people in 2009. In 2014, Bangladesh Railway transported 2.52 million tons of freight in addition to 65 million passengers. 8,135 million passenger kilometers and 677 million ton-kilometers were traveled by railway.

Fusion Infotech was awarded Annual maintenance contract with Data Collection. The below was included in the scope.

A compiler-driven tool called PL/Scope gathers PL/SQL and SQL identifiers as well as the usage of SQL statements in PL/SQL source code. At program-unit compilation time, PL/Scope gathers metadata for PL/SQL identifiers, SQL identifiers, and SQL statements and makes it accessible in static data dictionary views. The information gathered contains details on the many types of identifiers, their uses (DECLARATION, DEFINITION, REFERENCE, CALL, ASSIGNMENT), and where in the source code each usage can be found.

PL/Scope has been improved to report on the occurrences of static SQL and dynamic SQL call sites in PL/SQL units as of Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2). The call site for DBMS SQL and native dynamic SQL calls (EXECUTE IMMEDIATE, OPEN CURSOR FOR) is compiled. Only the call locations can be gathered at compilation time because dynamic SQL statements are created at execution time. Along with the other data dictionary views, the data gathered in the new DBA STATEMENTS view can be queried to assist in determining the extent of modifications needed for programming projects and doing code analysis. Finding the cause of a SQL statement’s poor performance is also helpful. PL/Scope sheds light on how PL/SQL, tables, and views are interdependent.