China Eastcompeace Group’s state-owned listed firm Eastcompeace Technology Co Ltd. With 15 subsidiaries and branches spread across China, Singapore, Bangladesh, India, and Russia, Eastcompeace is the world’s top supplier of smart cards and system solutions. It also has the largest smart card production base in Asia.

Fusion Infotech provided annual maintenance to this group for two years.

AMCs, or annual maintenance contracts, are agreements made with service providers for the upkeep and maintenance of Enterprise resource planning. Any object held to the business, including the reporting standard and custom reports, In addition, to maintenance on the structure, the surrounding is limited to only implementation done by another vendor. An AMC should be present in a business that cares about enhancing day-to-day operations in order to guarantee process and product quality.

Most businesses nowadays rely on ERP to increase efficiency and foster an organized and efficient workplace. When discussing ERP, AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost) is one of the most crucial factors that will help you keep current with modern software and technology in order to perform successfully and maintain your competitive edge. An AMC is a contract for maintenance or insurance that protects your technological growth. Your business must pay the software vendor annually for the service of software updates. The advantages of a yearly maintenance contract for an ERP solution are covered in this blog.
Your employees’ ability to handle minor technical issues independently is increased by support resources and training, which also increases productivity.

With AMC, the service provider is completely and alone in charge of providing constant monitoring and supplying updates for your ERP system. They guarantee maximum uptime and give you a solid backup plan if necessary.