Fakir Fashion

In 2009, Fakir Fashion Limited (FFL), a standalone vertically integrated knit garment setup from other Fakir Group enterprises, launched into the apparel production industry. Since its start, FFL has grown steadily to become one of Bangladesh’s top garment producers. FFL has established itself at the forefront of the textile manufacturing industry with more than 50 tons of knitting, 55 tons of dyeing, and 230 tons of sewing lines by combining innovation and visionary leadership.

Database MYSQL migrato to oracle database  and cloud DR implementation

Today, many businesses implement MySQL Database for a variety of internal and external applications. In fact, after Oracle Database, it is regarded as the second-most popular database in the world, according to many third-party rankings, including Statista and DB-Engines. If you use MySQL, you’ve probably thought about transferring your database to the cloud in order to take advantage of those benefits. Additionally, if you want to migrate the database to Oracle Database as part of this process, you can do so to fully benefit from Oracle Autonomous Database’s features and capabilities as well as those of the cloud. a description of Oracle SQL Developer’s ease of use for such migrations. Other migration solutions are available on the market, depending on your particular setup and scenario, but I will focus on utilizing Oracle SQL Developer in this article. I’ll also quickly go over more Oracle migration.

The Current server which Fakir Fashion was using is MYSQL. Fusion infotech limited migrated the database from MYSQL to Oracle database. Beside that expert consultant of Cloud implemented Cloud DR.

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