• KFM Solutions for Built Environment is a company based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that provides services for the built environment
  • In order to improve efficiency and streamline operations, KFM decided to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution
  • KFM chose to implement SAP ERP
  • Fusion Infotech, a leading IT consulting and services firm, provided support and guidance for the implementation of SAP ERP at KFM
  • The implementation of SAP ERP at KFM has been successful, leading to improved operations, reduced costs, and better customer service
  • KFM has been able to automate many processes, including invoicing and procurement, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity
  • The implementation of SAP ERP with the support of Fusion Infotech has been beneficial for KFM, modernizing the company’s operations and improving its services
  • The website (https://ihcm.ae/our-affiliates/kfm-solutions-for-built-environment/#:~:text=KFM%20is%20a%20solution%20provider,our%20people%2C%20process%20and%20systems.) provides information about KFM’s services and its approach to providing solutions for the built environment.

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