Although there is a rising demand for high-quality steel products in KSRM, there is also a rising supply of low-grade steel in the nation, which is harming the reputation of the local steel sector. Since our establishment in 1984, KSRM (a company of the Kabir Group of Industries) has concentrated on manufacturing reinforced steel and deformed bars using state-of-the-art European POMINI technology on automated rolling machines. We guarantee precise weight and prompt deliveries, and our quality stamp is imprinted on every one of our products. Our cutting-edge plant has the capacity to generate an enormous 8 lac metric tons of goods per year.

Fusion Consultant did work there as sub-contracting. The module they have implemented in this group were Oracle Financial, Purchasing, Inventory. Order management and LC.

Order Management: The procedure for obtaining, managing, and completing consumer orders is known as order management. When an order is placed, the order management process begins, and it is completed when the consumer receives their package. An order management system (OMS) is a digital tool for controlling an order’s lifecycle. ¹ It keeps track of all data and operations, including order entry, inventory control, order fulfillment, and post-sale support. An OMS provides visibility to the customer and the business.

Oracle Financial: An OMS provides a comprehensive view of a company’s sales environment by combining a brand’s sales channels into a single dashboard. A quality OMS should keep track of inventory levels, log orders, and track deliveries. A financial management system is built for many different sorts of financial transactions to be created, connected, stored, and reported, but its primary function is ultimately just counting money.

Simply put, a company could not function without some sort of accounting software. Every firm needs mechanisms to control the flow of money into and out of the company at the most fundamental level. A fully efficient financial management system, however, may also evaluate cash flow, calculate tax liabilities, maintain long-term business sustainability, and improve profitability.