With its 8 sister companies, M&J Group is a leading manufacturer in Bangladesh. having more than 794,000 square feet of floor space, and using cutting-edge manufacturing equipment to produce. For the needs of the industry, M & J Group expertly blends power and knowledge in garment manufacturing services. The firm constantly strives to increase manufacturing process efficiency using the most recent technology with the goal of offering its customers with the highest-quality services possible. Today, M & J Group is one of the most well-known suppliers in terms of quality, productivity, and the most dependable apparel manufacturer, supplying high-quality clothing to the top fashion brands in the Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, and USA markets, including C&A, Celio, Diesel, GU, G-Star, Jack & Jones China, Jack & Jones Denmark, Lee, Austin, Selected, Target Australia, Target USA, Wrangler, and Zara.

Fusion Infotech did provide the Team training based on what are the criteria they should look for while selecting the vendor as The wrong software selection can have disastrous effects. Setting up the proper vendor evaluation standards prior to the ERP selection process is essential to success for this reason. Given how much a company’s ERP system is used, selecting the incorrect software can have disastrous effects on the business and lead to unsuccessful installations. Other outcomes can include losing support for a product after only a few years, cost overruns, and business disruptions as a result of challenges with system implementation or usage. In the worst-case situation, there may not even be an ERP system built, leading to litigation. After the cross-functional team has determined desired outcomes, the current state of the organization, and the future state, stakeholders should only take these factors into account when choosing an ERP vendor.