Officially launching its operations in June 1987, National Polymer is now expanding successfully throughout a number of industries. In order to fulfill obligations, National Polymer believes in achieving operational excellence. To satisfy customer demand, the company upholds high standards of quality and can ensure highly competent service. As a result of the company’s products reaching a certain standard, it was possible for it to obtain the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, and 45001:2018 quality management system certifications.

This was a full ERP Implementation project of Fusion Infotech. the modules which were included are Finance, Oracle Purchasing, Manufacturing, Inventory, order Management, Landed Cost Management. Below we have mentioned benefits of couple modules.

You can increase inventory visibility, lower inventory levels, and effectively manage facility operations using Oracle® Inventory Management. In a single, integrated system, you can track all of your inventory across every line of business and step of the inventory lifecycle. Oracle Inventory Management enables businesses with simple materials management needs as well as those with extremely complex and automated requirements by carefully balancing ease-of-use with sophisticated and comprehensive capability.

efficient administration of orders.

When a customer puts an order, the order management process begins, and it is completed when the service or goods are delivered. The entire process must be as frictionless as feasible for the customer from the time a sale is made until it is in their possession.

Centralized customer service.

Organize customer data.

The ability to save and retrieve customer information is one advantage of an order management system.

constant stock updates.

Live stock updates will help you avoid out-of-stock situations and keep your customers informed about the availability of your products.

Make decisions based on data.

Utilize the data you have about your customers to make data-driven decisions. You can base business decisions on pertinent and narrowly focused data points, just like in marketing. Utilizing the data from your OMS, identify your top-selling products, markets, and high-value clients.

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