Fusion at Partex Group

One of the biggest, most diverse private sector companies in Bangladesh is called Partex Star Group. Twenty manufacturing, service, and trading businesses are owned and successfully run by Partex Star Group, which offers customers the finest values through its goods and services. Consumer durables such as various types of boards (particle board, veneer board, melamine faced chipboard, plywood, PVC sheet), doors and door frames, and furniture as well as FMCG items like dairy products, cookies, spices, etc. make up the bulk of our company.

This is one of the Complex projects in Fusion Life. Due Lack of planning, however occasionally undervalued, can lead to a project’s failure. A project’s success depends on clearly outlining the scope, the schedule, and the responsibilities of each team member. After the implementation, there was no one to take responsibility and transfer it. No clear path to follow in this manner. The implementation was done by another Indian company.  Fusion Infotech was awarded by report development and internal EBS process improvement back in 2017. During the implementation process, Fusion infotech Expert found a total disaster in their system.

Fusion Implemented an SMS system for this group by which if they create any Sales order customers will get SMS Through Distributed Marketing, and users can send preapproved or fully customized SMS messages. The Mobile Connect SMS activity in Journey Builder is used to send SMS messages. SMS messages delivered using Distributed Marketing are subject to the Mobile Messaging Product Special Terms (PST).