According to Shun Shing Group Subsidiary Seven Circle, the transition of its on-premises, mission-critical financial and manufacturing systems to Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure digital services platform was successful. According to a story in The Bangladesh Monitor, the corporation made the switch to increase operational agility, reduce expenses, and boost output. Since then, it has seen a 30% decrease in capital spending, and as a result, its uptime has nearly doubled. For its workloads on the new platform, Seven Circle also installed cloud disaster recovery capabilities. As a result, the business may be able to serve its clients promptly and reinvest the savings to spur innovation. “Running our back-office activities promptly and dependably, 24/7, is important,” said Anika Ali Chowdhury, head of human resources and digitalization at Shun Shing Group.

The first phase of the implementation was done by PWC India. Fusion infotech provided a customize Provident fund solution.

For any firm, provident Fund Management offers a comprehensive solution. The custom PF provides nearly all the operations that an organization requires to administer provident funds because it was created and developed to support contributory funds. As it can automatically calculate the closing balance as well as the opening balance of an employee’s account, company account, loan account, and investment account in addition to calculating the distributable income, it frees the client organization from the burden of performing laborious, time-consuming period-end processes. It supports multiple departments and branches. The software for managing provident funds is unparalleled.
Management of Provident Funds: an investment management service to Provident FFunds Gratuity Fund, and Pension Fund that have already been formed.

Administration of Provident Funds: Assume full responsibility for managing your Provident Fund, Gratuity Fund, and Pension Fund on a daily basis, which includes keeping accurate records and accounts, paying benefits, and sending out periodic statements.

Establishing new Provident Funds, Gratuity Funds, and Pension Fund systems for our clients’ various organizations is one of our specialties.

Beside the provident fund, some customer development was done and built a mobile app for the sales team.