The Land Public Transport Agency (LPTA) SPAD, is a government agency in Malaysia responsible for regulating and overseeing the land public transport sector in the country. In order to improve efficiency and streamline its operations, the LPTA decided to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

After evaluating various ERP options, the LPTA chose to implement Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). EBS is a comprehensive ERP solution that helps organizations manage their financial, supply chain, and human resource processes.

To help with the implementation of EBS at the LPTA, the organization turned to Fusion Infotech, a leading IT consulting and services firm. The team at Fusion Infotech worked closely with the LPTA to understand their specific business requirements and customized the EBS solution to meet their needs.

The implementation of EBS at the LPTA has been a success. It has helped the organization streamline its operations, reduce costs, and improve customer service. The LPTA has been able to automate many of its processes, such as invoicing and procurement, which has led to increased efficiency and productivity.

Overall, the implementation of Oracle EBS at the LPTA by Fusion Infotech has been a positive experience that has helped the organization modernize its operations and improve its services. The LPTA is now able to more effectively regulate and oversee the land public transport sector in Malaysia, ensuring a safe and efficient transportation system for all.

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