Urmi group

When it comes to one of the leading groups for Appeals of Bangladesh, Urmi group is a name that comes to the list. This group of company has various business sector which includes garments, textile, and printing shipping. Embroidery and washing. approximately 8000 people working in different business sector id this group. The concern which looks after the textile is named Fakhruddin Textile. This company has around 84 knitting machines and its production capacity per day is 25000 kg knits.

Currently, they are using a custom solution which is named a logical solution for their different activities. Fusion Infotech was awarded to implement the financial module and also to integrate with logic. The implementation process was a total of 1 year without any annual maintenance. During this period of time, Fusion Consultant did implement the module with success. They implemented for the whole Walton group with this solution. The key benefits of this module are to track the details of financial flow in terms of transactional data and to use this information for future decision-making. The key feature of oracle financial modules are monthly closing works, fast reporting, and customer reporting. This ERP software can be used to facilitate business growth by helping companies design and manage their business, create and implement marketing strategies, and more. Whether you are looking for an ERP solution to help manage your operations or to support your company’s expansion efforts.