Walton Group

The establishment of Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC was founded on April 17, 2006. The group started the business with Electrical and Electronics Appliances at a cheaper price. Now they have expanded their business into automobiles and other home appliances. Their demand has grown so fast that today they produce more than 10 million units to sell in the Bangladesh market. Currently, they have a 30000+ workforce which has 22 production units within 72 acres of land.

EBS was implemented by another Vendor. Fusion came to a point when its implementation was not in success. Then Fusion Infotech came into the scene Through annual support and maintenance contract for one year. During this period of time, the consultant was able to diagnose the problem of the system and took initiative to improve its process.

Looking at the team’s dedication and Expertise knowledge Fusion infotech was awarded for implementing the below model and their benefits are written below.

CRM- The Module included collecting customer data, interaction with company representatives, product requests, and product selling quantity all under one module.

Oracle Fusion Sourcing- this module is for top-level management which gives them data to determine the price, quality, and value of the product. This tool increase saving and lower the cost of achieving the best value possible in the market.

Oracle Policy Automation- . some of the common features are Improved Team Authoring, Intuitive Relationship Model, Simpler Rule Modeling, Advanced Rule Enhancements,

The total implementation time was six months. After that Fusion was awarded for Data Base management annual support. The data support included Identifying, diagnosing, alerting, and resolving all the problems found which will be found in the database system or underlying oracle infrastructure. Apart from that tuning, the database is monthly basis as part of DBA AMC