Top 10 Software Development Companies in Bangladesh

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Software Development Companies in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to a thriving software development industry, with many top software companies making a name for themselves in the global market. The top 10 software companies in Bangladesh are known for their expertise in website development, software development, and software engineering. Kaz Software, Datasoft Systems Bangladesh, Smart Software Limited, and other leading software companies are among the best software development companies in Bangladesh. These companies are known for their cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, making them some of the top software companies in Bangladesh. They are also among the top IT company in Bangladesh. The list of top software development companies in Bangladesh includes many talented software developers and website developers. These companies are key players in the software industry of Bangladesh, and their contributions to the field are significant along with the multinational software company in Bangladesh.

What is Software?

Software is a set of instructions, programs, or code that tells a computer or electronic device what to do. It is a collection of programs and data that enables the computer to perform specific tasks or functions. The software can be classified into different categories such as operating systems, application software, system software, and programming software, among others. Operating systems, such as Windows or MacOS, are software that controls the basic functions of a computer and allow other software to run on it. Application software, such as word processors or spreadsheets, is designed to perform specific tasks for the user. System software, such as drivers or utilities, helps to manage and maintain the computer’s performance. Programming software, such as compilers or integrated development environments, is used by software developers to create and test software.

History of Software

The history of software dates back to the early days of computing when the first computers were developed in the 1940s and 1950s. At that time, software was primarily used for scientific and military purposes and was created by government agencies or large corporations. The first software programs were written in machine code, which is the lowest-level programming language and the only one that can be directly executed by the computer’s hardware.

In the 1950s and 1960s, assembly languages were developed, which made it easier for programmers to write software by using mnemonics instead of machine code. This era also saw the development of the first high-level programming languages, such as FORTRAN and COBOL, which allowed for more efficient and user-friendly software development.

In the 1970s, personal computers and microprocessors began to be developed, and this led to significant growth in the software industry. The first software for personal computers, such as Altair BASIC and Apple BASIC, was created.

The 1980s saw the development of the first graphical user interface (GUI) for personal computers, which was introduced by Apple with the Macintosh computer. This era also saw the rise of the first software companies such as Microsoft and Lotus.

In the 1990s, the internet began to gain widespread use and this led to the development of new types of software such as web browsers and web applications. The 2000s saw the development of mobile phones, smartphones, and mobile apps, which further expanded the software industry.

Today, the software is an integral part of our daily lives and is used in a wide variety of industries and applications, from healthcare and finance to entertainment and education.

What Makes a Software Company Best?

There are a number of factors that contribute to making a software company the best in its field. One important factor is the quality of the software products and services that the company offers. For example, Kaz Software Bangladesh Ltd, Leadsoft Bangladesh, and Leadsoft Bangladesh Ltd are known for their high-quality custom software development services. These companies are able to provide tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients, which is a key aspect of custom software development. Additionally, these companies have a reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget, which is essential for client satisfaction. Another important factor is the company’s team of software developers, who are responsible for creating and maintaining the software. Companies like Dream71 Bangladesh are known for having a highly skilled and experienced team of software developers who are able to deliver top-quality software products and services. Finally, a company’s reputation in the industry and its standing on the list of top software companies in Bangladesh are also important factors that contribute to making a software company the best.

Top 10 Software Development Companies in Bangladesh

Our panel of experts has done a comprehensive analysis to find the best software development company in Bangladesh, As there are no measurement platforms in Bangladesh, here we have listed the names in random order:


The mission of Base IT is to transform Bangladesh’s digital sector. The primary goal of this company is to contribute as much as possible to the digital sectors of countries. BASE IT has created high-quality commercial application software for both the private and public sectors. Their knowledge of multiple disciplines is useful in developing customized software for small businesses. They have a strong reputation in this industry due to their impressive and simple software service.

As an IT outsourcing partner, BASE IT focuses on software development services for medium- to large-sized enterprises. Internet, property management, entertainment, construction, and other services are also available.

2. VISER X: Best Emerging Software Development Company

With over 5000 successful services, VISER X easily ranks first among the best Bangladeshi software companies. Despite the fact that VISER X is not a core software development company, it has more successful projects than other core-based software companies. This company offers a wide range of digital services, including web development, virtual assistants, SEO, social media management, and more, through skilled employees and expert intervention. Surprisingly, VISER X offers all of these excellent software services at a reasonable price. Furthermore, this software company provides 24-hour customer service. They offer custom software support to increase customer satisfaction. In addition, you will receive various types of software support, such as management, financial, data reporting, and so on. Furthermore, ViSER X is one of Bangladesh’s top SEO companies, having been in business for over ten years.


In Bangladesh, Workspace InfoTech Limited is a sizable provider of digital services. This business specializes in offering software support for client’s business growth. They provide specialized software in accordance with the demands of the customers. To complete the expert task of creating customized software, this company has more than 95 professional coders. HR software, ERP software, modern management software, accounting software, software for the development of the health industry, and more are some of their well-known software services. In general, the company wants to lead Bangladesh’s fourth industrial revolution. Following the motivation, their 13 years of experience is beneficial. Due to their expertise, the top-notch professional team at Workspace Infotech frequently finds quick solutions to challenging issues. As a result, they obtain top positions in the most reputable software firms in Bangladesh.


The BRAIN STATION-23 will come out on top when discussing the best customer-focused business in Bangladesh that offers custom software services. They offer all-encompassing solutions at a fair price. The business has grown to become one of Bangladesh’s top IT firms since its founding in 2006. They have thus successfully finished a large number of government projects in Bangladesh. Right now, Brainstation-23 runs its business in more than 15 nations and offers its services all over the world.


Numerous customers have fallen in love with HRSOFTBD thanks to its impressive web development services. They are among Bangladesh’s top firms for software development. Additionally, they have over 20 motivated staff members who are creative thinkers and adept problem solvers. Additionally, HR Soft offers its clients digital marketing concepts and strategies. Their primary line of business, however, is software development services. This software provider deserves to be at the top of the list. Additionally, HRSOFT creates specialized software in accordance with their client’s business models.

As a result, you can get software development services that are specifically tailored to your needs. They also offer e-commerce software options to help business owners of all sizes.


Even though “Tiger IT” is currently ranked fifth, its value is higher than its actual ranking. They have also finished a large number of important projects for the Bangladeshi government, including a biometric registration system, a fingerprint identification system, and more. Additionally, they are well known for a variety of other projects, including voter registration systems, toll systems, border control systems, e-passports, and national ID verification. Not only Bangladesh but also Nepal, Bhutan, Canada, India, etc., have benefited from their services.


You must rank “Data soft” among the top ten of the list of top software companies in Bangladesh. The success of this business is unquestionably motivating to all. Due to its exceptional service, Data Soft has quickly climbed the corporate ladder from a small startup. With their promising services, they have developed relationships outside of Bangladesh over the past couple of years. Additionally, “Data soft” received an ISO certification for its even greater contribution to the digital industry. This business was granted superbrand status in Bangladesh in 2012.


The brand name reflects the high intentions of this entire IT firm. Dream71 is one of the few companies in Bangladesh that can develop application software. Their assistance includes iOS application software, web development, and other services. Among the most significant projects they have completed are an integrated digital service platform for Chittagong hill tract affairs, the Chittagong police web portal, and others. The corporation intends to rule the new world of software technology. And evidently, a highly skilled creative team is of turning dreams into success.


KAZ Software is unquestionably going to be mentioned when discussing an experienced software company in Bangladesh. This IT firm is well-known for producing excellent software thanks to its award-winning development teams.

Especially noteworthy is that KAZ has more than 18 years of experience in the software sector. And after all these years of prosperous operation, this IT company is now in a strong position on a global scale. They work successfully and have connections with more than 100 businesses globally.


A massive software development company called Leadsoft started out in Bangladesh. This company has spread its wings across three continents as a result of its well-received work. This company’s 22 years of service in the digital industry are primarily responsible for its notoriety. More than 400 projects have been completed by the business. Consequently, this expanding company limited employs over 300 professionals.

Core banking services, fintech applications, enterprise resource planning, insurance and capital marketing, data analytics and warehousing, blockchain development, web development, and other services are all provided by Leadsoft. In fact, this business will advance in the digital world.


One of Bangladesh’s leading digital businesses is Divine IT Limited. With 17 years of consistently successful service, Divine Limited has established a solid reputation with its customers. This IT company has more employees than some of its rivals and has completed numerous successful projects. According to data, this business has finished more than 5000 projects. Additionally, Divine IT is the sole owner of 12 copyrighted products. The extensive quality of divine IT in the digital industry is demonstrated by this highly competent team.

Which Bangladeshi software company pays the highest salaries?

It’s difficult to determine the highest-paying software company in Bangladesh as the salary structure and packages are dependent on the company’s size, industry, location, and many other factors. However, there are a few software development companies in Bangladesh that are known for providing competitive salaries and benefits to their employees. Some of the software development companies in Bangladesh that have a reputation for paying well include Dream71 Bangladesh, Leadsoft Bangladesh, Leadsoft Bangladesh Ltd, Datasoft Systems Bangladesh Limited, and Smart Software Limited.

These companies are known for providing enterprise software, management software, e-commerce development, web design and development, mobile software development, software testing, software engineering, and other software development services. They are also well-established companies with a good reputation in the industry and have a presence in the global market. Additionally, some of these companies are CMMi level 5 software development companies, which are considered to be among the highest-standard software development companies.

In Bangladesh, how much does a software engineer make?

The salary of a software engineer in Bangladesh can vary depending on factors such as experience, skill level, the company they work for, and the specific role they have within the company. Generally, entry-level software engineers in Bangladesh can expect to earn around 20,000-30,000 BDT per month, while more experienced software engineers can earn between 50,000-80,000 BDT per month. However, some of the top software companies in Bangladesh such as Dream71 Bangladesh, Leadsoft Bangladesh, Leadsoft Bangladesh Ltd, Datasoft Systems Bangladesh Limited, and Smart Software Limited are known to offer higher salaries to their employees, especially for software developers with specific skill sets or experience. Additionally, some of these companies also provide additional benefits such as health insurance, housing allowance, and performance-based bonuses. It’s also worth noting that Software Engineers who are working in multinational companies in Bangladesh usually have a better package than the local companies.

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To Conclude

Bangladesh is a country that is rapidly growing in the field of software development. The software development companies in Bangladesh are known for providing a wide range of software development services, including custom software development, app development, e-commerce development, website development, mobile application development, game development, and many more. These companies have made a name for themselves in the global market, and are known for their expertise in software development.

The software development companies in Bangladesh are also known for their ability to provide offshore software development services. These companies have a global presence and are able to provide software development services to clients from around the world. This has helped these companies to expand their business and reach a global market.

In addition to the above-mentioned factors, the software development companies in Bangladesh also have a good reputation in the industry and stand on the list of top software companies in Bangladesh. Some companies are CMMi level 5 software development companies, which are considered to be among the highest-standard software development companies.

Overall, the software development companies in Bangladesh have great potential to grow and maintain their leading position in the industry. With the right strategies in place, these companies can continue to provide high-quality software products and services and expand their business to a global market. The software development industry in Bangladesh is becoming more and more competitive, but with the right approach and strategies, software development companies in Bangladesh can continue to be successful and make a difference in the global market.


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