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There are many big players that operate in this market and steadily it is becoming one of the main drivers of economy for the country. But if we look at a granular level, there are many challenges which needs to be sorted out. Some of them are mentioned below. One of the biggest challenge is the quality check and inspection of the facilities that is very much important for the industry. Along with this there are development of new product and innovation, ROI in R&D, regulatory landscape, mounting of pressure from investors and consumer, expiration of patents at a record rate, incapability of reaching out to global customers.

How Fusion Infotech can help

  • We offer solutions for the industry-specific product development integrated with marketing and manufacturing
  • We offer unique inventory and transportation integration across all modes and geographies
  • We offer the most complete suite of standards-based tools for integrating and leveraging legacy systems
  • We can provide best-in-class tools for transportation management, demand management, and legacy system integration
  • we also offer solutions for accelerating recipe and formula development, optimization of manufacturing and improving traceability, solutions for attracting and retaining customers, solutions for driving efficient planning and procurement, solutions for improving asset utilization, solutions for supporting Enterprise Infrastructure

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