In 1978, a private limited company called BRB Cable Industries Ltd. was founded with the goal of producing wires and cables. In 1980, BRB launches its commercial manufacturing. In the year 2000, BRB opened its PVC Cables Plant to produce cables up to 33KV as well as HT cables, FRLS cables, and aluminum conductors up to 132KV, all of which are insulated with XLPE. During this time, Super Enameled Copper Wire Plant & Instrumentation Cables were also introduced. A couple of Modules that Fusion Infotech Limited has implemented and their benefits are mentioned below.

HCM: –  HCM Benefits are a customizable and adaptable global product that is a crucial component of any overall pay package and enables firms to change and adapt to the particular needs of their workforce. Benefits can be delivered in the form of conventional “one size fits all” plans or more complicated plans that specifically target distinct workforce groups with various benefit packages. It enables the cafeteria method of selecting benefits and, if necessary, flex credits. The employee is given an intuitive approach to use when choosing their qualified benefits through the use of benefits self-service. In addition to choosing dependents and beneficiaries in a separate step at the end of the registration process, employees can check and update their contacts as part of the guided enrolment process.

Oracle Purchasing: – Oracle Purchasing is a tool for professional buyers that strengthens policy compliance while streamlining the processing of purchase orders. A crucial part of Oracle Advanced Procurement, it. Independent experts claim that employing technology to automate repetitive operations is the key to obtaining world-class procurement performance. This frees up procurement specialists to focus on more strategic sourcing and supplier management activities. Oracle Purchasing accomplishes this. It enhances control of your supply base, automates purchasing to make buyers more efficient, and adapts to almost any procurement process.