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Choosing the right AMS provider


We, the Application management services provider, can help your business with critical strategic initiatives, everyday management tasks, and time-sensitive projects. We can also help you replace key personnel and ensure that your Oracle and SAP environment is running smoothly.

 You can choose a hybrid or full-service approach to application management services to meet the needs of your business.

Fully transparent and pragmatic outsourcing of application and infrastructure services

Long-term partnership based on in-depth technology and industry knowledge and globally shared best practices

Official certifications by SAP, Microsoft and Oracle

24/7 contact center and 24/7'‘follow-the-services

A dedicated service manager as SPOC

Minimize Downtime

Clear and transparent service-level agreements

Optimal balance between dedicated and shared resources spread over on-site, local, and global delivery centers

Predict Costs and Save on IT Expenses

Value-driven Application Management Services

Managed Services for Oracle

Incident resolution doesn’t have to involve escalations through multiple service tiers. That’s too time-consuming. Rimini Street has combined multiple levels of support in its integrated offering, so clients get application management services for Oracle products delivered faster, and systems can run longer. Rimini Street engineers know how Oracle software is designed to work, delivering improved application service levels for Oracle products with more efficient resolution.

Managed Services for SAP

Lack of software knowledge or too much time spent managing incidents rather than closing them are outcomes of some low-cost AMS vendors. The delivery of process improvements is essentially impossible as a result. Instead, Rimini Street offers a single provider for AMS and ERP software support, cutting overhead and project backlogs with always-on professional engineers.

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Values for Business

are the key supporting factors for business growth. When the internal IT department is engaged with a variety of support operations, the intelligence thinking for business is stuck on clerical jobs/tasks, and their workloads can become overwhelming. They often have no time to respond quickly to problems. This can drain operating budgets and valuable resources. Application-managed services (AMS) are a great way to avoid this problem and ensure that your applications are always running efficiently. AMS also offers peace of mind to businesses, as it alerts them to any issues and works with them to solve them

By using an application management system (AMS), businesses can manage their applications more efficiently and effectively. AMS systems can also help to keep track of user activity, protect data, and manage communications. These benefits make application-managed services an attractive option for businesses that want to improve their efficiency and productivity.

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