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Why NetSuite?

The comprehensive nature of NetSuite exemplifies its excellence. The business platform can replace a company’s management system, which is made up of various pieces, by providing everything in one package. It can also be used for a specific field desired by a company. Users, for example, can approach the system by simply exploring its ERP and CRM functionalities, if they so desire. However, NetSuite is more than just a data storage platform. The system’s ingenuity is demonstrated by the additional value it can provide in addition to data management. The constantly up-to-date and agile system continues to function in real-time with automatic updates, significantly reducing the amount of manual work in financial operations and inventory management. NetSuite can also be used to generate new business.

Netsuits Strengths at a glance

The Benefits of Oracle NetSuite ERP

NetSuite services provides real-time business intelligence by providing a comprehensive set of analytic tools to meet your company’s needs. The software solution is well-known for providing a comprehensive view of customer relationships and end-to-end business processes. As a result, it meets all business requirements, large and small. Furthermore, it accelerates the growth of cloud-based businesses. As a result, its popularity is evident to all companies that are well-versed in ERP software for inventory management.

Providing a comprehensive view of your company
It contributes to the breadth and depth of business functionality
It aids decision-making
lowering IT costs
Productivity can be increased at any time and from any location

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Implementation of Netsuite with Fusion

What's We offering

 FUSION offers a comprehensive range of NetSuite Professional Services by netsuite consultants to assist you throughout your company’s entire lifecycle. Our NetSuite implementation consultants understand your industry and the challenges you face, from the initial NetSuite license negotiation and implementation to our training services with Admin+ Support. This, combined with the Fusion process designed to gain a complete understanding of your specific business operations, allows us to deliver the best solution to meet your needs.

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To provide you with additional functionality, FUSION can integrate Oracle NetSuite with your existing software or other cloud-based products. Depending on your business requirements, our developers are certified to create integrations for a variety of software solutions. We can develop applications for any platform or operating system in a cost-effective and timely manner, from fine-tuning software to developing for NetSuite. 

Netsuit Implementation process

Implementation methodology

Fusion’s implementation procedure is smooth, and its committed specialists can swiftly solve tricky difficulties specific to your company. Important details won’t be overlooked because our normal NetSuite setup takes 10–12 weeks from the start to a successful go-live.

To ensure that you receive the post-go-live support you require to continue to be successful and aid in company adoption of the new ERP, we only accept a limited number of NetSuite deployments each year. This is the kind of assistance you receive—dedicated, accommodating, and ready to complete the task!

We’ll be spending time with you to help you identify what NetSuite products are needed for your business and industry. It could be worthwhile to implement a custom solution instead of an application! If this is an option, you could save thousands of dollars each year through avoiding an unneeded cost for licensing. The first step is where you’ll get a precise estimation of the cost of your NetSuite implementation strategy. We can guarantee the estimates we provide to be specific to the hour. 

We’ll begin this NetSuite implementation by bringing all decision-makers together into one session. There are always tasks to be completed from your staff. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, guiding your team through the process of making strategic decisions from our expertise in your field. In this stage our project managers will help determine the most important details in your NetSuite installation process. This includes and finalizing your “how” and “why” of the NetSuite implementation.

In this step we will be doing configuration and customization as per the document confirmed by the process owners. We will collect the master data and do the testing with our internal consultant team. We also involve the BPO for prototype testing and note down the changes required. After rigorous testing we call for the UAT which is next steps of the project. 

This is an essential step for any NetSuite implementation. In this phase, each person who is using NetSuite in their work will be able to try the system and provide input to areas that will improve the effectiveness of the system for everyday life. Feedback from employees is vital to ensure that your employees are enthusiastic about NetSuite as a final product. This feedback is used to create any automation that will simplify their lives or to put them on the road map when it’s not needed to go live. This is the perfect occasion to allow the NetSuite specialists to instruct the employees in how they can use NetSuite

When the date is set when we will turn on the switch and your company will be online (Go-Live) with NetSuite. As part of this project our group of NetSuite consultants are often present for you to assist any employees who are having difficulty comprehending what they should do.

e can state that NetSuite ERP software, when combined with our expertise as a leading NetSuite Solution Provider, generates enormous value for our customers and partners.

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