About Cloud computing

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is an IT model which hosts the hardware, software, and data in distant data centers or the cloud. This implies that you don’t need to install any software locally on your computer or server in order to access them from anywhere on the internet. Utilizing a cloud service has the benefit of giving you access to your data from anywhere, saving you time and money.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Deployment Models?

Cloud computing is an umbrella term that refers to the use of public or private clouds for hosting and computing purposes. Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.

While there are many deployment models, the three most popular ones include:

Why choose Azure?

Azure has established itself as one of the most successful cloud platforms for hosting data, creating apps, and maintaining them, both in terms of effectiveness and cost. It provides all the tools a company may possibly require, including the Microsoft Cloud operating system, SQL Azure for hosting databases in the cloud, and services for creating and managing different apps. Thanks to Azure’s significant investment in ongoing innovation and security improvements, your data and applications are not only available from anywhere at any time, but they are also significantly more secure than they would be in a traditional IT setup. Azure’s expanding list of services includes, in addition to storage, computation, and networking services:

Azure Consulting from Fusion

Azure migration

We provide a customized migration plan and work with you to set up a highly efficient and productive Azure environment.


App development in Azure

To reduce development expenses, we create cloud architectures and CI/CD pipelines using Azure’s SaaS and PaaS features.

Azure optimization

we evaluate the performance of your Azure environment and provide strategies for its optimization in order to lower tenancy expenses and improve overall performance of your Azure environment.

App performance

We set up auto-scaling routines and come up with ways to test apps’ performance to make sure they are stable and work well.


We build resilient Azure-based apps with app performance management procedures to keep your business running smoothly while you fix any issues that arise.


Security at the component level and Identity and Access Management in Azure Active Directory can be fine-tuned with the assistance of our professionals.

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