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Fusion infotech is the leading ERP implementer in Bangladesh with more than 30+ Oracle and SAP implementation success record over a decade. We can help you to reach at the pick of your goal faster with ERP benefits realization.

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We will keep you update on the latest cutting edge technology, software, Enterprise Resource planning(ERP), Cloud, Database, SAP, Oracle and more.

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Software Business in Bangladesh 2023
Start a Software Business in Bangladesh (2023) Bangladesh’s IT and software industry has witnessed remarkable growth over the years, positioning itself as a force to be reckoned with. The sector...
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Top 5 HR and payroll software in Bangladesh (2023)
Want to know about HR and payroll software in Bangladesh? As a business occupant, you understand the importance of an efficient and reliable payroll system. Investing in affordable payroll software can...
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starting software company
How to Start a Software Company in Bangladesh
Are you ready to start a software company in Bangladesh? Look no further than the enchanting land of Bangladesh! Nestled in the heart of South Asia, this vibrant country offers a treasure trove of opportunities...
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best sap partner
Best SAP Partner in Bangladesh
SAP Partner You have two options to find the best SAP Partner in Bangladesh for implementation services. You can search for companies by name or use preset criteria to filter by partner type, solution...
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depreciation and amortization
Difference between amortization and depreciation
Amortization refers to apportioning the cost of an intangible asset over the asset’s useful lifespan, whereas depreciation involves recording the gradual decrease in the value of a tangible asset...
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crm software
Best CRM Software in Bangladesh
Need to reach the best CRM Software? If you are looking for ways to manage your customer relationships effectively, investing in CRM software could be your solution. With the growing demand for digital...
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Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park
Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park: A Game-Changer for Technology and Economy Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park, a specialized economic zone dedicated to the technology industry, is a game-changer for the country’s economy....
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ROI with businessman
ROI in ERP Are you ready to learn how implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can impact your company’s Return on Investment (ROI)? In today’s fast-paced business world, calculating...
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net sales
How to Calculate Net Sales | Net sales formula in ERP
Net sales formula in ERP Are you struggling to understand the intricacies of net sales calculation in your ERP system?  Fear not, because we’ve got you covered By knowing the net sales formula...
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